The Day Trips Slovenia – Tracing the Natural Beauties of Slovenia

The day trips Slovenia can be a choice of your holidays while being on vacation in Europe. Included in the Balkans, Slovenia is a small country. However, who would have thought this country had a unique and beautiful nature, not inferior to other European countries. Here are some interesting spots in Slovenia that you can explore while being on one of the day trips Slovenia.

Lake Bled

One of the first destinations that you can feel on the day trips Slovenia is the Bled Lake. Lake Bled is a beautiful blue glacial lake located in the city of Bled. There is a small island in the middle of this lake that was formed naturally and is surrounded  by trees and beautiful mountains. Moreover, the beauty of the lake and the island  increases with thescene ofthe beautiful church building.

To get to this small island, you have to use a traditional boat that can be rowed manually by rowers who are usually called plenary.

Bled Palace

The second among day trips Slovenia is the Bled Palace. It is located on the edge of Lake Bled and is the oldest castle in Slovenia. This palace has a beautiful and magnificent architecture and stunning natural scenery, which is typicaly seen in the royal fairy tales. No wonder many couples want to get married at the Bled Palace. This building is also referred to as one of the most beautiful wedding locations in Europe.

Besides being a wedding location, this palace is also a museum. You can learn about various things, such as the history of Lake Bled, or get the information about traditional manual printing.

Postojna Cave

The third destination among day trips Slovenia is the Postojna Cave. The Postojna Cave or Postojnska Jama is the most visited  cave in Slovenia. This 5 km long cave is called the longest cave of stalactites and stalagmites in the world. To explore the beauty of the interior of this cave, a tourist train is provided. The tour around the cave  takes less than two hours.

The Postojna Cave is also often the places where blues music events and several other annual events are held. Since becoming a tourist destination that is often visited, the leaflet for the visit of this cave is easily found in various restaurants and inns around the area.

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