London Travel Attractions

Start walking through halls filled with history by taking either a guided or self-guided tour of the British Parliament. Guests may explore the State Rooms before witnessing its legendary changing of the guards ceremony.

This is just an example of a fantastic London travel attraction you will absolutely love. You can so easily enjoy many others, with the best ones highlighted below. Cathay Pacific offers very easy access through several available routes, including Melbourne to London.

1. The British Parliament

The British Parliament is an iconic building in London that stands out as an amazing spot to learn more about Britain and democracy in general. Tours are offered that can take visitors through various rooms including Commons and Lords debating chambers; you’ll even get to witness Big Ben himself!

Houses of Parliament towers illuminated at night are an unforgettable sight and should not be missed by visitors to London. Westminster Abbey hosts coronations ceremonies for British monarchs, providing interesting stories of its long and rich history. Meanwhile, across the river lies London Eye which offers breathtaking views of South Bank cultural complex and all of London from its observation wheel.

To best experience the sights lining the Thames, public river buses known as Thames Clippers provide the ideal experience. Not only are they cheaper and more scenic than tourist boats but you can get them from Westminster or Tower Bridge and using an Oyster travel card will get discounted journeys!

2. The Tower of London

The Tower of London is home to His Majesty’s Crown Jewels may surprise or even shock visitors when visiting this stunning monument to history.

Visit this popular attraction during weekday morning or afternoon hours early or late, as crowds tend to increase on weekends after 3 pm and on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. For best results, reserve your entry ahead of time to avoid long lines at entry points.

Explore this renowned castle’s multidimensional roles as a fortress, royal palace, and place of execution with the self-led digital visitor guide included with your admission ticket. Learn of gruesome tales in the Bloody Tower; meet Yeoman Warders (known as Beefeaters); observe ravens who legend has it will cause its destruction; admire gorgeous blooms in Tower Moat from late May through September each summer free to view; don’t miss the evening Ceremony of Keys which dates back 700 years!

3. SEA LIFE London

Sea Life London is Europe’s largest aquarium, home to 500 different marine species living within 2million litres of water. Divided into 14 zones themed around aquatic environments – Ocean Tunnel being the highlight – Sea Life London features Nemo’s Reef, Rainforest Adventure (UK’s biggest coral reef), Rainforest Adventure again featuring UK coral reef, Penguin Point which hosts adorable Gentoo penguins as well as other attractions that take visitors through an underwater realm and offers them delightful experiences.

The aquarium also hosts special events, including sleepovers where visitors can spend the night among mesmerizing fish tanks. There’s even the chance to touch shark skin through their interactive Shark Academy!

SEA LIFE London can be easily accessed by bus and tube. Food and drinks aren’t permitted inside but there’s an adjacent cafe/picnic area offering refreshments nearby.

4. Madame Tussauds

The museum is divided into themed zones. For instance, celebrities are featured in an A-List Party zone; here you will find figures of Angeline Jolie, Brad Pitt and Nicole Kidman among many other stars. Additionally, there are zones dedicated to sports stars, actors singers royalty; its world-class sculptors are responsible for producing highly realistic figures that make an unforgettable visit.

The Museum’s latest attraction is the Marvel 4D experience, where you can meet iconic superheroes such as Spiderman and Captain America. Checking their website before planning your visit can help identify any new additions; also arriving early or after lunch may help avoid crowds; visiting during winter is another good option, when snow-covered city streets add even further charm to its attractions.

5. The Natural History Museum

Its terracotta facade embodies high Victorian design. The ornate patterning echoes nature’s diversity while its stately walls contain herds of stuffed animals, menacing dinosaur skeletons and an exquisite Crystal Garden filled with gems and minerals.

Visitors enter through a grand hall whose ceiling features hand-drawn botanical illustrations. From here they can explore diorama of the rainforest, full-wall video screen explaining climate change and an interactive exhibit relating to evolution pedagogically.

The dinosaur halls at the National History Museum (NHM) are highly popular with visitors who can admire Apatosaurus jaws or kitchen-knife-sized teeth from Tyrannosaurus Rex frozen in mid-prowl. There’s also a large library, home to more than 300 scientists working across various fields related to biology and geology; family-friendly activities are plentiful as well as an evening program called LATE with lectures or talks while viewing galleries after dark!

6. The Harry Potter Experience

JK Rowling’s seven books and eight movies are an international phenomenon.

Take photos posing against a wall or enter Ollivander’s Wand Shop-themed shops, both built to look as authentically as possible!

Discover St Pancras International Railway Station, which served as Hogwarts train station without muggles; even knock on Number 4 Privet Drive’s front door! Other filming locations include Greyfriars Kirkyard where many characters from the show were buried (though you might be disappointed to learn it is actually part of Leaky Cauldron!); discover if you possess Parseltongue so as to converse with snakes at London Zoo’s Reptile House; or test whether your tongue might speak.

7. The National Gallery

A hit among both kids and adults alike, audio guides are also provided for visitors exploring these amazing exhibits.

Book one of the museum’s highlights tours to experience its highlights more personally; these tours are led by Blue Badge Guides who can share their knowledge about paintings on display. Other activities at the gallery may include attending talks about its collection or visiting its cafe and shops; bags larger than 43x66cm are not permitted inside and must be left at its entrance.

8. The Victoria & Albert Museum

Here you will find various exhibits showcasing human creativity across time – furniture, ceramics, glass and jewellery are among its offerings – while its event spaces make an excellent venue for hosting awards dinners or summer parties.

These tours will allow you to locate all the best parts of the museum while discovering interesting facts about its pieces – and the V&A offers several tours on specific subjects like LGBTQIA+ objects or women in art and culture.