The genius behind the sand-free beach towel from GoBreezie is that it consists of reinvented microfiber, providing a super absorbent, quick dry, ultra comfy feel during use

Being at the beach is a glorious time for everyone, yet dealing with sand particles after an exhilarating time-out is frustrating.

Worse still, you may even find these particles in your food and personal items on your way home.

Enter GoBreezie, which created an innovative beach towel that is causing a huge uproar around the globe.

The genius behind the inventive sand resistant beach towel is that it consists of reinvented microfiber, providing a super absorbent, quick dry, ultra comfy and stylish feel during use.

It is emerging as the ideal towel for beach, pool, yoga and travel.

“Now I worry less while having a great time at the beach because the sand particles that accumulate on my towel just instantly slips off,” says one GoBreezie user. “The sand resistant beach towel allows you to relax in a sand-free, soothing environment.”

For GoBreezie, its goal is pursuing a high quality of beach life with a high-quality beach towel– a specific patent texture of beach towel, all in the name of relishing a better beach day.

“Our goal was to change the drag and wetness associated with beach time. GoBreezie Microfiber Beach Towel are built to repel sand.” says Founder Alexandra Wong.

The idea behind the invention of the best sand-free beach towel? Wong grew up in a small town in Northern California. He enjoyed those relaxing sun shower moments spent at the beach. One day, he decided to travel along the ocean coast of the states with his best friend Jupiter — his black labrador. “It was an amazing trip, yet the beach towels we used during the trip remained sandy and heavy after use and was even difficult to pack and isolate, especially when you have this naughty doggy friend,” he says with a laugh.

This inspired him to make a sand-free, travel-friendly beach towel. To achieve this goal, he worked with a fabric engineer for new texture R&D. While there, he discovered a Spanish-themed pattern he loved. His passion and discovery eventually compelled him to create high-quality beach towels that are not only sand-free, but also super absorbent, quick dry and lightweight.

“The quick dry nature of the sand proof beach towel in combination with its lightweight makes for a great outing experience,” he says. “The challenges we face post beach-time – the bulkiness and drag of the beach towel – have been solved. Our towels are engineered to dry an individual instantly and dry themselves in half the time of regular cotton towels.”

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